“The ARLISS Project is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at Stanford University Space Systems Development Program and other educational institutions, and high power rocketry enthusiasts in Northern California, to build, launch, test and recover prototype satellites, miniaturized to fit inside a soft drink can (hence “CanSats”) in preparation for an Earth orbit or Mars orbit space launch.”

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ARLISS is a CANSAT competition for International Students, Which is held in Nevada, US annually.

Former team of SNUSAT, SNUCANSAT team participated ARLISS in 2006 representing SNU primally. After foundation, SNUSAT has participated in ARLISS annually since 2010.

ARLISS는 국제학생들을 대상으로 열리는 캔위성 대회입니다. 미국 네바다주의 Black Rock 사막에서 매년 열리고 있습니다.

서울대학교는 SNUSAT의 전신인 SNU CANSAT이 2006년에 최초로 ARLISS에 참가하였으며, 2010년에 SNUSAT 팀을 결성한 이후에도 ARLISS 대회에 서울대학교 단일 대표팀으로 참가하고 있습니다.